In an innovative leap forward for the gaming industry, LotteFi unveiled its new platform, designed to restore trust and fairness through the integration of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies. This move addresses the longstanding concerns around the transparency and integrity of traditional gaming systems.

UI & UX of LotteFi

Revitalizing the Gaming Experience

LotteFi’s platform revolutionizes the traditional framework by providing a secure, transparent, and equitable gaming experience. The integration of Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions and draws are immutable and verifiable, fostering a trustworthy environment for all participants.

UI & UX of LotteFi

The AI component enhances this by generating truly random outcomes, ensuring fairness in every draw. By removing the financial barrier to entry, LotteFi makes it possible for anyone to participate at no cost through the mining of $LOTP tokens via engaging social tasks.

As LotteFi continues to grow, the platform is dedicated to expanding its game offerings and enhancing user engagement. The roadmap includes launching additional games by the end of the third quarter, with the goal of achieving 200,000 active wallets. By year-end, the platform anticipates having ten decentralized applications live, with a user base of 500,000 active wallets.

Active users on the LotteFi App have surpassed 1.1M in the past 30 days

Commitment to Community and Ethical Gaming

LotteFi is committed to maintaining ethical standards and promoting responsible gaming. The platform is actively working to foster a supportive community, with strategies in place to ensure a balanced and responsible gaming experience. Outreach efforts include educational initiatives and support systems to help maintain the well-being of its users.

Active Users on the LotteFi App

Active users on the LotteFi App have surpassed 1.1M in the past 30 days. LotteFi is gearing up for several community-centric events designed to engage users and reward early supporters. Key highlights include a seamless conversion of $xLOTP to $LOTP tokens in anticipation of the upcoming public sale and an airdrop for participants of the testnet phase, acknowledging their valuable contributions.

LotteFi’s Tokenomics

LotteFi’s tokenomics are designed for long-term stability. There are 100,000,000 $LOTP tokens in total. Of these, 20% will be available for public sale at the Token Generation Event (TGE). Marketing gets 15%, with some available at TGE and the rest released over time to support ongoing growth. The team will receive 5%, locked to match LotteFi’s long-term goals. Liquidity and mining/airdrops will be accessible at TGE to boost platform liquidity and user engagement. These steps aim to support the platform’s growth and build a strong future foundation.

Upcoming Event and Join the Fair Movement

LotteFi announces the upcoming public sale of the LotteFi App, scheduled for June 25, 2024. This event will offer 20,000,000 $LOTP tokens for sale on the TON Blockchain, accepting $TON as the currency. The purchase limit for this sale is unlimited, with a vesting schedule of 100% at TGE and a self-claim option for tokens.

LotteFi invites everyone to explore a new era of gaming where fairness, security, and community are at the forefront. Experience a more trustworthy platform with LotteFi, where technology and transparency come together to offer a truly fair gaming experience.

For further information, visit LotteFi’s official website and review our comprehensive whitepaper.

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Media Contact: Name: Sergey Kuznetsov

Title: Head of Marketing

Company: LotteFi