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Nashville, TN, May 20, 2024 – (PlatoAI) — Paw Pro GmbH, a leader in Pet Health, is thrilled to announce a $1.5 million partnership with Health Reasoning, a pioneer in Healthcare AI and tokenization. This strategic collaboration aims to develop and deploy an innovative Web3 platform featuring the revolutionary Treats token and redeemable NFTs.

The partnership highlights the growing synergy between Paw Pros vision for enhanced customer engagement and Health Reasonings expertise in blockchain technology. This collaboration is poised to deliver a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem that will redefine user interaction and reward mechanisms within Paw Pros community.

Platform Features:

Treats Token: A blockchain-based utility token designed for transactions, rewards, and incentives within the Paw Pro ecosystem uniting all pet lovers. Detailed information about the Treats token will be available in an upcoming white paper.

Redeemable NFTs: Unique digital assets that users can acquire, trade, and redeem for various rewards, enhancing user engagement and loyalty.

We are excited to partner with Health Reasoning to bring cutting-edge blockchain technology to our platform, said Katrina Graue, CEO of Paw Pro GmbH. This collaboration will not only enhance our service offerings but also provide our users with innovative ways to interact with and benefit from our ecosystem.

Health Reasoning is thrilled to join forces with Paw Pro GmbH in this transformative project, said Damon Spiceland, CEO of Health Reasoning. Our expertise in AI and Blockchain technology combined with Paw Pros vision for customer engagement will set a new standard in the industry.

This partnership underscores Paw Pros commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to provide unparalleled value to its users. The development and integration of the Web3 platform will begin immediately, with the first phase of the project expected to launch this summer.

For more information about Paw Pro GmbH and Health Reasoning, please visit https://paw-pro.com/ and https://healthreasoning.com/.

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Health Reasoning

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About Paw Pro GmbH:

Paw Pro GmbH is a leading innovative company in bacteria-based nutrition supplements for dogs, dedicated to improving the well-being of pets through advanced solutions and exceptional care. At PawPro, we offer natural and chemical-free pet supplements, especially created to protect pets, helping them strengthen their immune system for a long, happy life. Our patented combination of elements, sourced from the highest quality ingredients, ensures that our products are unique and highly effective. We produce our supplements at a state-of-the-art medical research center in Germany. Paw Pros vision is to become one of the leading pet supplement brands in the market, meeting and exceeding the standards of our clients by providing them with healthy and natural products for their pets. We aim to protect dogs, supporting their natural immune system and improving their lifestyle as a result.

About Health Reasoning:

Health Reasoning is a pioneering company in Healthcare, specializing in blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions that drive transformation and efficiency. Health Reasonings mission is to harness the power of blockchain technology to create secure, transparent, and user-centric digital ecosystems.

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Katrina Graue, CEO


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