Portland, OR – From round little bellies and chunky toes to smooth skin and intoxicating out-of-the-womb smell, every square inch of a newborn baby is perfect and their parents know it. For this reason, many hire baby photographers to capture their bundles of joy at this incredible stage.

Newborn photographers must pay attention to potential safety issues when posing babies. To Ann Marshall Photography, the key to becoming a successful newborn photographer is performing a session safely first before reveling in capturing moments. Thus, some tips and precautions are necessary to ensure a baby’s well-being and protection.

Hand washing is the first task on arrival at the parent’s home or photo studio, after moving furniture or decluttering, and before touching the baby. A photographer should also be conscious of contagious health risks and have hand sanitizer for regular use.

Secondly, it’s important to note that newborn babies have sudden movements, and vigilance is key. If they can’t be at arms’ reach at all times, a photographer can ask a parent, guardian, or adult to provide support instead of leaving the baby unattended.

The third step is posing based on a baby’s personality, favorite resting positions, or body language. Posing also involves supporting the baby’s neck, free of bending or positions that may affect bone growth or cause long-term damage.

Additionally, newborn photographers should note that not all parents comprehend the limitations of a newborn’s bone density and movement. So, they must explain some popular poses, ask for permission regularly, and suggest Photoshop ideas.

Lastly, prop safety is important in tiny beds, buckets, bowls, crates, or hammocks. A newborn photographer can use clean and soft towels or cotton material in the props to protect the baby from bruises or bumps. They should also be aware of cameras, lenses, lighting, or other equipment with loose/bulky parts that may fall and injure the baby.

Ann Marshall is a newborn and Portland maternity photographer who believes parents and their little ones deserve beautiful portraits in a safe, fun, relaxing space. Years of newborn safety training/posing, up-to-date vaccinations (including boosters and annual flu shots), a personalized approach, and over 900 photography sessions, sets the photographer apart.

Studio sessions for newborn photography take the pressure off of parents as they only need to show up with their babies, minus the props, outfits, and accessories. Ann Marshall Photography’s minimalist, classic style focuses on all the details of a new little family member and images of the parents and siblings together.

“I have been called a baby whisperer more than once. I create a peaceful, soothing environment that allows your baby and you to relax while I capture how perfect they are!” Ann Marshall, Newborn Photographer.

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Ann Marshall has four children and has been in the business for 8 years, learning about families and creating cherished heirlooms to show off for generations to come. Her passion for photography has earned Ann Marshall Photography awards and features in Hey Beauti and pdx|parent.

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