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Reyna Silver Corp Head of Investor Relations Lauren Megaw Head joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide insights into the company's projects and strategic direction. Reyna Silver Corp, a silver exploration company, is dedicated to high-grade, large-scale projects, with a particular emphasis on its Gryphon project in Nevada.

Gryphon stands out as the company's flagship project for 2024, characterized by its stacked Carlin-type gold system, carbonate replacement deposit, and critical metals. This multi-metal deposit includes gold, silver, and other metals, offering significant exploration potential. Historically, 23 core holes have been drilled at Gryphon, providing a solid foundation for further exploration efforts.

Reyna Silver Corp is leveraging this historical data by re-logging core holes to deepen their understanding of the geological framework. Situated between the Carlin and Battle Mountain-Eureka trends, renowned for their gold deposits, Gryphon presents a strategic opportunity for both gold and silver mineralization.

Looking ahead, Reyna Silver Corp has ambitious plans for extensive drilling and mapping to refine targets and assess the project's full potential. The company's presence at the OTC studios in New York underscores its commitment to the U.S. market and investor engagement, particularly given the strategic importance of the Gryphon project's location. With a focus on high-grade silver projects and strategic positioning, Reyna Silver Corp is poised for continued growth and exploration success.

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