1969 Olivetti Valentine Typewriter with a custom typewriter print by Typecraft Goods

New Hope, Pennsylvania May 18, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – In an era dominated by digital screens and instant communication, a charming relic from the past is making a surprising resurgence: the vintage typewriter. These mechanical marvels, once considered obsolete, are now cherished for their nostalgic appeal and tactile charm. At the forefront of this revival is Typecraft Goods, an online store that has captured the essence of vintage typewriters and transformed it into exquisite handmade art.

The Revival of Vintage Typewriters

Recent trends indicate a growing fascination with vintage typewriters, fueled by a desire to reconnect with a simpler, more deliberate mode of writing. Collectors and enthusiasts are seeking out these classic machines, not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetic value. This resurgence is evident in various news reports and social media discussions highlighting the allure of typewriters from bygone eras. Iconic models like the 1969 Olivetti Valentine and the 1951 Underwood Finger-Flite Champion are now prized possessions, celebrated for their design and historical significance.

Typecraft Goods: Melding Craftsmanship with Nostalgia

Amid this renaissance, Typecraft Goods stands out as a unique purveyor of handcrafted typewriter prints. Based in the picturesque town of Carversville, Pennsylvania, Typecraft Goods specializes in custom prints created using vintage manual typewriters. The founders, inspired by childhood memories and a passion for literature, have meticulously crafted each piece to combine the charm of vintage typewriters with the natural beauty of dried flowers and leaves.

“Our journey began with a rediscovered typewriter and a love for poetry,” says Cole, co-founder of Typecraft Goods. “We wanted to share the magic of these machines and the timeless beauty of handmade artistry with others.”

A Star Seller on Etsy

Typecraft Goods has quickly gained recognition for its exceptional quality and artistry. The store has earned the coveted “Star Seller” designation on Etsy, a testament to its outstanding customer service and consistently high reviews. Several of Typecraft Goods’ products have become best sellers in the Home Decor and Wall Art categories, showcasing the growing demand for their unique offerings.

Discover the Collection

Each print from Typecraft Goods is a labor of love, featuring custom quotes, poems, or wedding vows delicately typed onto thick, recycled cotton paper. Options for framing or unframed prints, adorned with pressed leaves, pressed flowers or left elegantly simple, provide customers with the flexibility to choose the perfect piece for their space. The rare 1969 Olivetti Valentine, the 1960s Olivetti Tropical, and a 1951 Underwood Finger-Flite Champion are among the vintage typewriters used to create these one-of-a-kind prints.

Explore More

For those looking to add a touch of nostalgia and handmade artistry to their homes, Typecraft Goods offers an enchanting collection that captures the essence of a bygone era. Visit Typecraft Goods on their Etsy store or on their website to explore their unique offerings and experience the magic of vintage typewriters.



Framed custom typewriter print with pressed flowers by Typecraft GoodsCustom typewriter print with pressed flowers by Typecraft GoodsFramed custom typewriter print with pressed leaves by Typecraft Goods

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