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The EDM/chill artist Take the W has released the first artificial intelligence music video “One1″created in its entirety with Runway AI.

Ponte Vedra, Florida May 21, 2024 ( – Watch the first major AI music video generated by Runway Artificial Intelligence

The EDM/chill artist Take the W has released the first artificial intelligence music video “One1” created in its entirety with Runway AI. The song was released in November of 2023 with a sci-fi cover art matching the theme for the new companion’s three-minute artificial intelligence music video.

The music video transports viewers on a mesmerizing journey through a young girl’s quest for a sonic landscape, blending striking visuals with the song’s infectious melody. The video features a hyper-real dream sequence of a young girl and the battle to save the planet. The music video plot was designed to immerse viewers in an unforgettable audiovisual experience set in the future.

Runway Research’s mission is to build multi-modal AI systems to enable new types of creativity tools. Since its founding in 2018, Runway has been pushing creativity forward with its cutting edge research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. All work is done in-house and in collaboration with leading institutes worldwide. Runway generates 3-12 second clips that give a surreal view of the video. AI has allowed the creating of ideas where a camera or large set isn’t required.

Once the clips are generated they are edited into a full-length project. Take The W’s new AI music video highlights the unique aspects of Runway, which can only be achieved through its specific technology. Runway emphasizes that the surreal and hallucinatory qualities of AI allow for the exploration and discovery of new ideas that would not have been possible through traditional methods like cameras or 3D animation.

“One1” is the latest single from Take The W’s album “fullmoonhaze” and the song is available on Apple Music and Spotify. There is also an extended version of “One1” and a live version. The music video for “One1” is now available to watch on Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Take The W’s latest visual imagery, click the link below to watch “One1”.

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