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YCloud, a leading service provider specializing in leveraging WhatsApp for business, announces the enhancement of its marketing, sales, and customer support tools. Headquartered in Singapore, YClouds core offerings now include a suite of tools designed for seamless WhatsApp integration, enabling businesses to send bulk messages, automate customer interactions with bots, and manage customer relationships through a comprehensive CRM platform.

YCloud has recently launched the Click to WhatsApp ads (CTWA) service, which allows users to initiate WhatsApp conversations directly from ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This new feature eliminates the need for a landing page, shortening user journeys and boosting ad conversions.

"We believe WhatsApp represents one of the most essential channels for business-customer interactions. In the future, YCloud aims to be a fully automated marketing platform, providing end-to-end services. This includes not just marketing and customer service interactions but also leveraging AI to facilitate transactions such as shopping, ordering, and payment within WhatsApp," said Dylan, Founder of YCloud.

YCloud offers a comprehensive platform for marketing, sales, and customer support via WhatsApp. Their services include:

  • WhatsApp API

  • Campaigns

  • Chatbot

  • Contact Management

  • Inbox

  • Growth Tools

YClouds services are designed to be user-friendly, allowing businesses to integrate and utilize their solutions without extensive technical knowledge.

For more information, please visit their website.

About YCloud:

YCloud is a WhatsApp business service provider committed to helping enterprises achieve business growth using WhatsApp. Headquartered in Singapore, they operate globally, covering many countries and providing multilingual service and support. The platform offers users flexible solutions and personalized services.

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