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ARway.ai Chief Product Officer Shadnam Khan joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce announced the launch of ARway V3.1, a significant update to its spatial computing platform. The update brings major enhancements to augmented reality (AR) navigation and immersive experiences, including improvements in range and accuracy across large venues and faster deployment of AR indoor navigation.

Khan expressed confidence that these enhancements will drive additional revenue and global deployments for ARway.ai. With over 5000 total accounts, 5400 maps created, and 60 pilots and trials, ARway.ai is experiencing increasing demand worldwide across various industries seeking to leverage its AR and spatial computing technology.

Key features of ARway V3.1 include expanded AR tracking and navigation range, mini-map navigation, network failure backup, and upgrades to the web Studio 3D Map user experience. These improvements aim to provide users with more seamless and immersive AR experiences while navigating indoor spaces.

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