PancakeSwap is one of the most popular Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocols on the Binance Smart Chain, with CAKE being its native governance and reward token.

PancakeSwap’s advantages include low transaction fees, diverse investment applications, and a wide range of tokens, making it one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in the DeFi space.

The CKDAO Technology Lab, creator of Titanium Protocol, has strategically partnered with PancakeSwap and is a prominent member of its ambassadorial alliance.


We (CKDAO Lab) chose CAKE as the intrinsic asset within our protocol system for two main reasons. Firstly, PancakeSwap’s substantial traffic advantage and the considerable appreciation potential of the CAKE token:

Substantial Traffic Advantage of PancakeSwap:

According to CoinGecko, PancakeSwap ranks in the top four among many decentralized exchanges, with a daily trading volume exceeding $100 million and over 5,477,351 website visits.

Significant Appreciation Potential of CAKE:

Currently valued at $595 million, CAKE has at least 5-10 times the appreciation potential compared to other exchange tokens like OKB ($2.54 billion), BGB ($1.63 billion), and UNI ($5.686 billion).

Secondly, this choice stems from CKDAO Technology Lab’s value positioning and research objectives. The lab upholds decentralized autonomous governance (DAO) principles, aiming to enhance the value and empower assets within the CAKE ecosystem. Through an LP liquidity mining model, we contribute to the market prosperity and industry development of global DeFi.

Our collaboration with PancakeSwap not only expands and enhances the current CAKE ecosystem in the DeFi environment but also positions Titanium Protocol to offer PancakeSwap users a broader range of cryptocurrency derivatives and investment options.

This partnership not only reveals opportunities for collaboration but also provides new tools for professionals and investors to navigate the volatile digital asset ecosystem, making DeFi a real-time investment feature and enabling users to explore new strategies and opportunities, becoming the preferred toolkit within the CAKE ecosystem.

Furthermore, once the TMP derivative exchange launches, users will benefit from deeper advantages by initially selecting PancakeSwap as the DEX during settlement transactions.

In our envisioned development path, Titanium Protocol will implement a dual-token mechanism. The CKDAO token will be generated through system allocation and reward mechanisms, primarily aimed at enhancing CAKE’s value and ecosystem empowerment. Simultaneously, staking CKDAO+CAKE LP combinations will mine TMP tokens, granting additional profit-sharing rights, thus achieving a turbo dual-power system cycle within the protocol ecosystem.

Simply put, the protocol system accepts deposits in CAKE (with a minimum amount equivalent to 100 USDT), allocates 10% to 30% of the investment into CKDAO’s base pool LP combination, and uses a market promotion reward “punch” of a dynamic/static combination to accelerate CAKE’s market value growth and ecosystem expansion effectively.

When investors withdraw LPs, they can sell CAKE for USDT withdrawal. All static income from market promotion rewards will be withdrawn in USDT, with CKDAO acting as fees (e.g., withdrawing 1000 USDT deducts the equivalent of 50 USDT in CKDAO value).

All dynamic income generates CKDAO in real-time, and individuals can withdraw CKDAO to wallets with zero fees.

Every business system ultimately aims to redistribute wealth. Titanium Protocol is no exception, striving to reshape the boundaries of the CAKE ecosystem through a turbo dual-power system cycle, ensuring that all protocol participants enjoy equal wealth growth opportunities and achieve wealth overtaking in the financial fast lane.

Physicist Archimedes once provided humanity with the leverage law: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Now, Titanium Protocol gives you an opportunity to leverage your digital wealth journey!

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